THE POWERVERSE’s™ mission is the unification of the indie market because we believes all indie creators are stronger together. That strength comes in creators of all levels and not just those of great skill. So to address this, THE POWERVERSE™ introduces POWERVERSE NEBULA, a place for growing stars!

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NEBULA will be an anthology series composed of several two to three page stories featuring all manner of artist and creators with a particular spotlight on contributors who just might be learning the ropes. NEBULA is for the creator that is doing it all him or herself! It’s for the artist and writer whose style may not be status quo.

In NEBULA, your story can be black and white or in full color. It can be inked with ball-point pen or digitally painted to perfection! NEBULA stories could continue over several issues or be just one page. NEBULA is whatever you make it!

So if you are a creator who’s just starting out or maybe someone whose day-job/life just isn’t conducive to producing large amounts of work, then POWERVERSE NEBULA is calling for you!

Send in your submission today or for more information about POWERVERSE NEBULA, email us @ THEPOWERVERSE@GMAIL.COM subject NEBULA. RISING! We are excited to see what stars are comic to light!

Until next time -Be POWERFUL!

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