ORDER ISSUE #4 OF THE LEGEND OF WILL POWERThe POWERVERSE is my attempt at creating a comic book universe. Over the years, I’ve seen many people try it. Some succeeded and I’ve seen many fail! However, I think I have an idea of how to do it. It’s all based off my theory I’ve called the ICON EQUATION! It’s my sum experience and case study of how to make comic books and establish new characters for your generation and those beyond.

It amazes me, I was sitting back, reading issue 4, and I realized something significant!  You begin to notice something you don’t readily get to experience in most indy comics. You start to experience the development of a full, rich, universe of characters, heroes, villains, fathers, sons, friends, families, pasts, presents, futures, and even future presents – you have everything from “AIR-SUBS”, to cosmic beings, to multiple storylines, to multiple plot points, all taking place at different times and at the same time! There’s a past, present, and a future that has been established in these four, powerful, little, issues and, like a ninja wearing socks, it kind of sneaks up on you… and you don’t really realize it until it hits you: “POW! You’re reading a REAL comic book!”. THIS IS The POWERVERSE™!

The POWERVERSE™ centers on the events that take place within THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™ and the world that WILL POWER lives in. This exciting new universe officially kicks off in issue 4 of THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™ with a new look and new branding of the universe! If you haven’t read TLOW (THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™), issue 4 is the right issue for you to jump on! Issue 4 really catches the storyline and the reader up to the fast pace, action-filled, events that have taken place thus far in TLOW! Issue 4 really begins to set up the untold concepts and story-arches that is TLOW. It also begins the crack open The POWERVERSE™.

I think the secret to making a comic book universe is to really provide a realm where the readers get to do what they like best. And that is finding a place where they can suspend reality and dive into a world that is rich and full! That’s what the The POWERVERSE™ provides. The POWERVERSE™ is not just a comic company, it’s a comic universe. If you’re a reader that likes to read, not just a comic books, but likes to read and follow a comic UNIVERSE, then that’s what The POWERVERSE™ is.

The POWERVERSE™ is not just a character, not just a book, not just a title, but a real realm, a real reality with rules and definitions, with heroes, and chronology of events and suspected events, and known events, and past history, pre-history, and futures, and future presents. My belief is, if you provide a reader a really rich universe a reader can live in, they will overlook artwork, gaps in artwork, gaps in production, color, lack of color, and clunkiness! They’ll over look all that because, the truth is, they are really NOT following your title, they are following your UNIVERSE! In fact they are hungry for it, because, outside the Marvel and DC universes, there are not a lot of universes out there!

“My belief is, if you provide a reader a really rich universe a reader can live in, they will overlook artwork, gaps in artwork, gaps in production, color, lack of color, and clunkiness! They’ll over look all that because, the truth is, they are NOT really following your title, they are following your UNIVERSE!”


This is a Primal Paper Comic! It’s being produced by DARKLIGHT STUDIOS (i.e. ME). What’s being produced is the The POWERVERSE™. Get it? It’s something new! In fact I haven’t seen such a set-up since ULTRAVERSE back in the 90’s! Now The POWERVERSE™ has multiple characters and a centralized book: THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™! In the coming months, there will be a multitude of titles coming out from The POWERVERSE™, titles like THE ACTION PACK™, and The POWERVERSE PRESENTS, to name a few! You’ll be able to read one title and understand the storylines within… or you’ll be able to read all the different titles together and understand even more!

My goal is to sell ISSUE #4 to every member of the Will Power Facebook fanpage, and then some… So that means you! YES, YOU! You guys are my core! So, if you’re a member of the fan page, Click on the link right now, and drop your messely $3.75 plus shipping and enjoy the ride! So what are you waiting for? Get to it! This is your POWERVERSE after all! (NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS!) This is the goal! So, If you know somebody that has liked the fan page and you’re not sure if they’ve pick up issue 4, then send them the link! Tell them to get on-board!

Issue 4 is the debut of a brand new universe and a brand new look! As you can see, we’re moving to color covers! you may have noticed, we launched the new site over at http://willpowercomic.com a week or two ago! We launched the site so we can now launch The NEW POWERVERSE!  The sales from the new site have been outrageous! The growth has been amazing… we had over 38,000 new visitors to the site; all curious and picking up the old issues. Many have joined the Facebook page as well. I think we jumped 200 new members in a matter of a few days!  This is just the beginning! there will soon be a new book to hit the shelves called the 101. I can’t tell you too much about it but It’s going to be a further breakdown The POWERVERSE™, similar to a who’s who with a little story line inside. And then the Action Pack will be coming out and hopefully if you all are still buying the books, the action pack will have enough revenue to go full color! And step by step, we’ll begin to build a new comic book universe, together! So get issue 4 RIGHT NOW! Let’s unlock the verse. The POWERVERSE™ that is! Oh and remember -Be POWERFUL!


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