I’ve created many a character over my years. Each, I felt, had a certain something that made them unique. It’s the goal of every creator to weave a concept that defies the status quo, yet inspires familiarity at the same time. When the idea for The Quiver Kid came to me, I believed I had done just that!  At first glance, The Quiver Kid comes off like a very familiar character -something you have seen a million times before. “He’s a RUNNER and an ARCHER… What’s so different in that!?!” That’s exactly what I thought as well, but, therein lays the trick… The whole thing is different; it just looks like it’s not!

As best as I can tell, I’ve never seen the two attributes in the same character (A Runner & An Archer). Those two great things taste great together in more ways than one. To top it off, he’s a STATIC-ELECTRIC ARCHER! -I just love how that sounds! Anyway, The Quiver Kid is “THE ACTUAL QUIVER HIMSELF!” Yup, that’s right! He generates his electrified bow and arrows from his own two hands! How cool is that!? His Bow and arrows are made of static electricity that’s generated from the friction of his body when he runs.

I have to admit, I have been a Flash fan for many years… I haven’t really read his books but I have been a fan of the character and his all red suit and lighten bolt for years!. I’ve always wonder why he had a lightning-bolt on his chest. His powers aren’t lightening based… (Are they? -I don’t think so…) I think his powers come from something called the “SPEED FORCE.”

I assumed the bolt was there because he was as fast as lightening… The leap I took with The Quiver Kid is I made him “BE” the lightening -or at least its unwilling conduit! So, when you feel a slight tinge of static in the air… and the hairs on your neck begins to stand, you may or may not have time to see a stream of arching static-electricity bolt by. If you do, know this, you’ve just witness the STATIC ELECTRIC-ARCHER! A.K.A.:

Until Next Time -Be POWERFUL!


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