If you’re a true WILL POWER fan, you’ve been there from the beginning…. You saw WILL’s father, PROFESSOR POWER created the MATTER DENSITY CONVERTER. You bore witness to it’s premature ignition and watched as it changed the universal density of all matter, leaving young WILLIAM to be the densest thing alive! (This all in issue #1, might I add!)
Well that means you also saw WILL go “DARK” in issue #2. I bet you wondered exactly what that was right? Actually. WILL going DARK is the true secret to the power that is THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™

Due to those events in PROFESSOR POWER’S LAB, WILL has become the densest thing alive! One of the side effect of this is WILL’S mass alone attracts other matter like planets attract meteors… but will’s body is attracting this matter on a MOLECULAR level. This gradual increase to his mass, continually increases WILL’S size, stature, muscular mass, and strength. If you’ve paid close attention to the books you’d notice WILL continually gets taller and and bigger issue by issue!

Now, if I were to increased your mass and muscle density daily, you’ll probably get bigger and stronger too. That’s a given! But there is another aspect to WILL’S POWER.
WILL’S body matter is completely different from all NEW matter in the universe. This is true because WILL’S body is composed of  per-converted matter… i.e. OLD MATTER.

In short WILL has become a great unknown source of dense matter!
This UNIQUE STATUS put WILL on par with DARK MATTER… And therefor WILL is the only thing we know that can ATTRACT DARK MATTER! This is what is happening when WILL goes DARK! This puts WILL’S potential power levels beyond calculable. In addition, WILL seems to attract more of this DARK MATTER when he is ANGERED! This  DARK MATTER seemingly makes WILLIAM extremely more dense and ostensibly more powerful than in any other state.

What is Dark Energy?
Check it out! It’s pretty cool stuff… Watch the following video and you’ll see why WILL’S tapping into this mysterious substance is so POWERFUL!
Until Next time -Be POWERFUL!



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