The Powerverse™ Association Agreement

1. The Evolved Parties.
This document acknowledges that of the date signed, the The Powerverse™, created by Vince White and I, the signed party, have agreed to enter an Association Agreement which consists of the following:

2. Definition Of Parties.
The Powerverse™ is a Publication Label created by Vince White. For the purposes of this contract/agreement, Vince White and The Powerverse™ will further be referred to as “The Publisher” and I (the signee) will further be referred to as “The Associated Party.”

3. Basic Structure.

This association allows The Publisher to place The Powerverse™ Masthead/logo on materials produced by the Associated Party.

4. Contract Length.

This is a NO STRINGS contract, meaning this agreement can be nullified at any time by any signing party.

5. Content Restrictions.

The Publisher ENCOURAGES all age publications or general market publications as the source material to be provided by The Associated Party. All content such as nudity, excessive profanity, or suggested lewd acts are discouraged if possible. However, The Publisher understands that such elements may be deemed necessary by The Associated Party to portray and message critical points or are somehow pivotal the progression of their material. Such events are allowed with the understanding that if said event rises to a level of extreme vulgarity, The Associated Party must give The Publisher the right of review.  (This just means you should warn us if you are going to do something extreme)

6. Ownership I.

The Powerverse™ name and branding is owned by The Publisher. All created content submitted by The Associated Party belongs to The Associated Party. This can only change if some other written agreement is signed establishing a “work-for-hire” relationship or the creation of a co-owned property or storyline.

7. Ownership II.

The Associated Party does not own The Powerverse™, its characters, or any percentage thereof. Even though The Powerverse™ masthead is placed on The Associate Party’s content, Intellectual Properties, and stories, The Publisher does not own the content there-in, its characters, or intellectual Properties.

8. Required Obligations.

The Publisher “ASKS” that The Associated Party reserve a full page ad space and/or host an ad of the Publisher’s choice, in all digital and/or Print products produced by The Associated Party. These ads are NOT required.

9. Revenue Sharing.

The revenue split for this association agreement is simple and conforms to a ratio: 85/15. Fifteen Percent (15%) of all sales generated UNDER THE POWERVERSE™ MASTHEAD ( to understand this fuller, see 10. POWERVERSE PRIME vs POWERVERSE PRESENTS) will be issued to the Publisher and Eighty-Five Percent (85%) of all sales are distributed to the Associated Party. This ratios takes place but is not limited to the following platforms: the Publisher’s website ( /, Ka-Blam, Amazon, ComiXology, and/or Diamond Distribution.  This ratio will remain as long as the Associated Party’s property is associated with the Powerverse™ . Remember, per section 4, this contract can be nullified at anytime by any party.

10. Powerverse Prime VS Powerverse Presents.

Powerverse PRIME indicates that your title is solely a Powerverse title and there are no other associations with your title. Powerverse Presents indicates that you have featured sales of your title on a personal site and or ecommerce model under a personal label/masthead/studio in addition to having it showcased under the Powerverse masthead. Sales from a personal site and/or under a different label are not subject to revenue sharing. (i.e. All sales from your personal site or under your private studio masthead are yours to keep.)

11. Use Of Characters.

The Publisher “ASKS” to reserve the right to use the Associated Party’s characters and artwork in promotional material as long as the Associated Party remains associated, via contract, with The Publisher. The Associated Party may use The Publishers characters for the purpose of promotion as well, with consent of the publisher as long as the associated party is under the masthead of the Powerverse™ via contract. Use outside these parameters can only occur if there is expresses written permission.

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