When I was a child, Saturday morning cartoons were a nirvana of childhood bliss.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I was a child, Saturday morning cartoons were a nirvana filled wonderland, complete with excitement, Amazing tales, and childhood bliss. All week, I had nary the strength to get out of bed,  get dressed and make my way to school.

Yet, somehow, every Saturday morning, at 6am sharp, I would leap from my bunkbed with the Spiderman bed sheets and run downstairs, while still wearing my Underoos, and  hurdle a field of RC race tracks, slinkies, and Rubic Cubes, to finally make it to the FAMILY TV.

This delicate ballet of leaps and tumbles was performed ritually so that I and a million other kids like me could watch our favorite Saturday morning cartoons

Those cartoons gave us HEROES to believe in… They arose out of yellow suns, drove Mobile Armored Strike Commands, and they where there, where-ever there was trouble, over land, sea and air! They dashed across both page and screen in their boldly colored suits, defeating evil and setting wrongs right!

We might not have realized it at the time but those Heroes were ROLE-MODELS and they were teaching us very valuable life lessons.

We were learning valor, courage, integrity, right from wrong, the fact that crime never pays, and the good guys never kill.

We learned that knowing was half the battle, how to stop drop and roll, just say NO to peer pressure, and a boiling egg was your brain on drugs. We learned how a BILL became Law and that only we could stop forest fires and take a bite out of crime.

It sounds corny, but we learned a lot. It shaped us and made us who we are today! But somewhere in the late 1990’s someone decided that the “SUPERHERO” was outdated. They said spandex was corny and that kids wanted heroes that weren’t as polished.

They wanted the ANTI-HERO that had a chip on his shoulder and had an attitude, wore jeans, smoked cigars, killed first, carried guns, and used foul language.

Comic books changed as well as Saturday morning cartoons.  They were replaced by Bakumons, Beavis & Butthead, and Adventure Time! –No offense to them, but for about 20 years, between 1992 and 2012, our kids lost their superheroes and by extension, they lost some of childhood’s most important ROLE-MODELS.

That lost generation has fallen deeply into a dark world or video games, violence, and first person shooters. In some cases the player goes on missions not to save the day, but to just shoot for the sake of shooting.

Why is this generation so filled of schoolyard shootings, teacher assaults, and parental disrespect? For me, the answer is simple, their heroes were taken!

Well I want my HEROES BACK!

The Legend OF WILL POWER and the WILL POWER Universe is my attempt at doing just that! -Making new heroes for a new generation! With your continued Fandom, Book and T-shirt sales, and word of mouth, you have made this grow… and it’s still growing! Together we can bring Saturday’s back and put heroes back on the comic book page! Never stop dreaming. Thanks you again for all your support! Until next time –Be POWERFUL!

Vince White
DarkLight Studios/DarkLight Comics

Separate we are alone, together we are POWERFUL!

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