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AirSub Science

Commander Luscious J. FRAME is Leader of October and the USS Naval air-sub fleet, for good reason. besides his mysteriously genetically modified body, Frame is known for his unorthodox military strategic mind. Believing all combat assets have extended military applications, he built October from the lesser gifted or unwanted recruits slated for discharge. taking “FLASH-BLOOD”

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MAKE YOUR PROFILE PIC A POWERFUL ONE!!! SPECIAL EVENT!!! Have you been seeing the Gold Fist on FACEBOOK PROFILES pics! That’s a good thing! I just want to say, THANKS for all of you who have and continue to buy the LEGEND OF WILL POWER™! I’m Humbled and honored! It proves a little comic can

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For more than 6 years they have hammered away at their keyboards, researching and writing about comic-book-pop-culture like drunken monkeys obsessed with bellies full of geek-bananas. Their site, HEROSPY.COM offers a mesh-mash of comics, comic-cons, reviews, and interviews, all of which seem to point too one single undeniable fact- they have lost their minds over

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