So, there I was, invited to a Private Gala, where The Legend Of Will Power™ was being honored with some of the top comic book greats and a few of those who were really making waves in the comic industry!



Who knew I would be honored, displayed beside, and privately hanging out and having laughs with the likes or Kyle Baker, Steven Geppi, John Jennings, Eric Battle, Michael Davis, Denys Cowans, Josh Geppi, The Overstreet Editorial staff,

and Bad Boy Studios… When they lined up to take the picture, I didn’t go… because they called the “greats” to get in! At the last moment, Deny Cowans looked over and said:

“Vince, get over here! You’re one of us too! You deserve to be in here. That’s why we invited you!”


So at the last minute they pulled me into the back row! See me peeking my head out! ha ha ha!

Wow! it was such fun! So many great Artist in that room, the interactions and connection made that night will and is having a profound effect on the coming comic book industry!

My ART Work will be on display here until April 2015 along with pages I wrote featuring the art of Leonardo Colapietro, Marco Pagnotta, and Larry Stroman, all of whom have drawn Will Power pages for me in the past! This was an honor and a Blast!

Be Sure to Visit the Museum Steve Geppi is the owner of Diamond Distributions and is the man responsible for building the largest global comic book distribution network in the world! He exhibits have the FIRST Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man collections as well as a multitude of other attractions!1474492_10153578618915268_1385079293_n

To understand more about this exhibit, watch this video: http://vimeo.com/96879349





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