It’s A Marvelous Thing!

With a name like MARVELOUS, there’s a lot to live up to!

Secret agency has a Marvelous new weapon! They just haven’t agreed it’s him!  “They Call Him Marvelous!” follows the adventures of a hero secret agent trying his best to live up to his self imposed name: “MARVELOUS!” With tongue fully in cheek, Marvelous tracks down baddies and administers justice the old fashion way -add fists and boots then apply face!

“Marvelous embodies the pure fun reads of old, mixed with the intrigue of today’s slow unfolding complex espionage stories.”

Series creator Malley Simpson’s clear vision, and crisp and clean writing style, allows you to fall quickly into this action Jackson-like story.

It’s light humor and clean art makes it easy on the eyes and easy to read!

It will have you digesting more than you realize in a quick and solid adventure story arc.

But don’t let the good time fool you! The book’s quick pace and slapstick combat is very misleading! Pay close attention because MARVELOUS just might be one of The POWERVERSE’s key players.

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