The POWERVERSE™ sits at the nexus of all realities, reaching out with its thinning waves, dissolving the barriers between worlds, slowly merging all realities into one POWERFUL PRESENCES! This ever unifying wave can only mean one thing: GROWTH! Born from events originating in it’s center title, THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™, the POWERVERSE™ expounds in a powerful way with it’s newest title: ROBO1 DEFENDER OF EARTH!

ROBOTS have been the servants of man since their inception. We code their nature, purpose, and drive. But, ponder this: “Can robots have a higher calling- divine destinies greater than fate, and unbeknownst by man?”

In the year 2020, a young boy named Ricky Degand will learn LIFE always has a destiny when he finds one very unique robot on a mission!

buyButtonAliens, Dark Creators, and threats from the deepest corners of the POWERVERSE™ will challenge this union of BOY and ROBOT! Learn what powerful things lurk in the shadows of space…waiting to strike…headshot

ROBO1 D.O.E. is unique in another way as well. Keeping in the spirit of the POWERVERSE’s goal of empowering the least of us, all of ROBO1’s proceeds go to the “Make-A-Wish® for kids foundation!”

Make-A-Wish® grants the wish of a child diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions in the United States and its territories, on average, every 38 minutes. They believe that a wish experience can be a game-changer. This one belief guides them and inspires them to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids they serve.

The POWERVERSE™ and ROBO1 creator, Rick Degand are proud to be unofficial sponsors of Make-A-Wish® in this very POWERFUL way! ROBO1 D.O.E. will hit the POWERVERSE™ shelves  May 20th 2015! Do yourself a favor and pick one up! Be a game changer and support the doers!

Until Next Time -Be POWERFUL!

Vince White

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