The RULES! What are the Rules? I’ve found in forming great ICONIC characters, a lot of it depends on the universe you build them in. Whether you believe it or not, you are building a universe each time you write a book or a character, no matter how big or small. Now the question is, does your universe have RULES?

It should have RULES, because if your universe doesn’t have RULES, your character may as well be laid up on the dung-heap of all the other forgettable heroes and story protagonist.


Because the RULES determine the grandeur or iconic nature of your universe in which your story unfolds. So if your world is just the same as everyone else’s, then what sets your world apart from all the others in the eyes of the reader?


I definitely use this technique in my own comic book: THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™ and my comic book reality, THE POWERVERSE™!
So let’s illuminate a few industry examples to better show THE RULES in effect!
The following universes have rules that make them gigantic, rememberable, and iconic. They are: MARVEL, DC, and STAR WARS!

So… what are their rules?
Well, we all know their rules, don’t we? That’s why they are so popular, because they have the coolest rules and we know them!

So what’s MARVELS?
1. At puberty you run the risk of becoming a what? MUTANT!
2. What gene causes mutation? THE X-GENE!
3. What’s the strongest metal in MARVEL? ADAMANTIUM!
4. And what’s the next strongest metal? VIBRANIUM!
5. What’s the energy that is related to the universe and has affected everyone from the FF, SILVER SUFFER, GALACTUS, and even the PHOENIX? Well that would the COSMIC ENERGY or in other words, the POWER COSMIC!
Those are MARVEL’s RULES! And that’s what makes their universe work!

So what are STAR WARS’ RULES?
1. What’s the energy that courses through the STAR WARS’ galaxy? THE FORCE!
2. Who are the ancient monks that study the force? THE JEDI!
3. What are the two different sides of the Force? THE DARK SIDE and THE LIGHT SIDE!
4. And what is the weapon of choice used by Jedi? THE LIGHT SABER!
5. And the Jedi mind trick can only work on whom? THE WEAK MINDED!
Those are STAR WAR’s RULES! And that’s what makes their universe work!

So what are DC’s RULES?
1. The good-guys never what? KILL!
2. The only things that can hurt Superman are? KRYPTONITE, MAGIC, and MIND CONTROL!
3. What gives SUPERMAN his powers? THE YELLOW SUN!
4. And who are the universal police? THE GREEN LANTERNS!
5. And finally, who can beat any ones butt if given enough time to plan? BATMAN!
Those are DC’s RULES! And that’s what makes their universe work!

Now are you starting to get it? If so, and you’ve a reader of THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™, can you think of a few things that are the RULES of the POWERVERSE™? I’ll tell you.

1. The BIGGEST RULE in THE POWERVERSE™ is what happened to its matter! IT BECAME LESS DENSE!
2. And what changed the universe’s density? THE MATTER DENSITY CONVERTER!
3. And Who Made the Matter Density Converter? PROFESSOR POWER!
4. And who was the only person unaffected by the matter converter’s blast? THAT’S RIGHT YOU GUESS IT! WILLIAM POWER!
Those are the rules of THE POWERVERSE™! …And it’s what makes it work! And, more importantly, it’s what you remember!

Now, what are the rules of your universe?
Hmmmm….. You don’t have any RULES? Well, that might be the problem. You’ve just got a story and no RULES! So go make some!
And remember –Be POWERFUL!  …and get a copy of THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™ TODAY!

So get in on the secret! And Learn the legend that started a UNIVERSE, THE POWERVERSE™ and THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™

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