For more than 6 years they have hammered away at their keyboards, researching and writing about comic-book-pop-culture like drunken monkeys obsessed with bellies full of geek-bananas.

Their site, HEROSPY.COM offers a mesh-mash of comics, comic-cons, reviews, and interviews, all of which seem to point too one single undeniable fact- they have lost their minds over comics and are proud of it!

This week they have gone Koo Koo for CoCo-Puffs over THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™! They have done me a great honor by showcasing WILL and a few sneak peek pages of the soon to-be-released POWERVERSE™ done by the amazing art team of Leonardo Colapietro and Marco Pagnotta. Do go on over to HEROSPY.COM and check out the sneak peek pages and tell them just how much you appreciate them for bring the news of Indy comics like WILL’s and mainstream comics to fans likes us all around the globe!

Be sure to drop a line to their awesome staff as well… and tell them WILL POWER SENT YOU!
Hero Spy Staff Includes:

Shawn Swanson – Writer / Editor
An experienced Comic Book Journalist and Blogger with over 10 years as a professional scribe.

Isaac Diaz – Lead Editor / Designer
15 years of professional design expertise with an emphasis on graphic art, marketing and ad design. Known to be a Photoshop wizard.

Mathew Swanson – Photographer
Resident photographer and videographer with Hero Spy for 6 years, specializing in cosplay and convention photography.

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