Ancient wisdom was lost to man by evil intent, folly, and mishap. Knowledge so refined and attuned the electric universe, it could easily be revered as god-like in it nature. Like all great truths, they can be forgotten but not destroyed.

Locked deep within the riddles or times and space, lay hide these ancient wisdoms. Sealed away like a pharaoh in his tomb, untouched, unshaken, until now! When the Matter Density Converter let loose it’s awesome wave, it shatter the known and unknown physics of cosmography. With its unhinging, so too were the binds that shackled the hidden knowledge of the Arkons, giving birth to something old that is new again!

From the mind of Legendary Comic Creator, Roosevelt Pitt , comes a tale for a new age -a story for all generations and a hero’s journey unlike any ever told! Vince White is proud to present , a POWERVERSE presentation: DYNAMO AZAAN!

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