New York City. 1900. A city divided by financial inequality, ethnic turmoil, anarchists, labor protests, the debate on immigration, and who to elect as President that year. Sounds very similar today, dose it not?

Variant cover to issue on of American Dreams

Normality, as chaotic as it is, will  forever change when the matter density wave collides with their world just as Thomas Edison activates a machine stolen from Nikolai Tesla.

Acclaimed history figures and fictional events cross paths to give birth to this new and thought provoking reality. The beginnings of Occultism, black magic, industrial empires and immigrant subjugation all play out in the back drop of a super hero story.

“Learn the tale of the first hero empowered by America itself”

Follow how this collision of events impact the story of immigrant Jake Gold. Discover how the land itself decides to protect itself.

Learn the tale of the first hero empowered by America itself to protect the nation and its people from evil. He is the guardian of everyone’s AMERICAN DREAMS!

Created by Daniel Kalban

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