As you know It’s my dream to make WILL POWER into a Saturday morning cartoon that will excite millions and give kids every a NEW hero to look up to. The problem is I just my not have the Eyesight to see it!

I began this journey 2 years ago, and I laid out a five year plan to make it happen! Recently, however, I have come across news that might not give me that five year window to make it so. Unfortunately, this year I was diagnosed with glaucoma, and began progressive procedures to preserve my eyesight. This has taken me away from the drawing table, and has limited my ability to to work for long periods of time (because it strains my vision). In short, there are complications.

Doctors have given me many different prognoses, but time is not on my side. Vision is an Artist’s first tool! Losing it means I am losing my opportunity to make that dream happen over a long period of time. The truth is I’m fighting to be able to SEE this dream of mine come true, and I might have to speed up the process! This is where YOU can help speed up the process and make it possible for me to see this awesome dream with my own two eyes — while I still have the eyesight to see it! SUPPORT the DREAM with whatever amount you like! All the donated funds will be going to the development of an animated series! YOU KNOW THE LEGEND, NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD TO KNOW IT AS WELL!


Until next time -Be POWERFUL!


Separate we are alone, together we are POWERFUL!

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