BLACKOUT issue #1 of 3, Cover by KEITHAN JONES

How deep is your programing? How much do you see? There’s an DARK undertaking afoot and only PURGE and THE BROTHER can stop it! The

POWERVERSE™ presents a provocative tale that will shake your resolve and WAKE you from your “Sunken Place!”

Straight from the minds of Roosevelt Pitt Jr. and Jay Kelley, we give you : BLACK OUT -The Eradications Protocols!

Two of the indie market’s biggest icons team up in a three part, in your face, POWERVERSE thriller destined to turn heads. But as the old adage goes, “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!”  So let’s do our roll call!
BLACKOUT: The Eradication Protocols -- Kicktraq MiniPURGE:  Technological genius and self proclaimed Protector Of The PARDIGM! Purge has been in the indie comic book scene since the early 1990’s! A creation of Roosevelt Pitt Jr, Purge has fought for justice since the age of BROTHERMAN from BIG CITY COMICS and MILESTONE from DC.

THE BROTHER: Interdimensional pursuer of knowledge! The brother has made waves in the indie market scene for years now. The creation of Jay Kelley, The Brother has become as much of an urban legend as he is comic book hero!


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