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“SOMETHING LIKE A NEW IMAGE…” You begged Marvel, You pleaded to DC, You thought IMAGE was going to make it happen, You even dreamed Milestone would come back! They will, but WE DID IT FIRST! “SOMETHING LIKE A NEW IMAGE…” Yes! THE POWERVERSE™ may prove to be just that. With a respectable line up of both […]

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The World Of Will Power!

There’s a new Hero for a new exciting millennium out there! His name is William Power, the dynamically powerful teenage superhero more lovingly known as WILL POWER! He is the creation of myself, Vince White! What I wanted to do with WILL POWER was a true homage to the hero-dom of yesteryear yet giving a clear […]

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AirSub Science

Commander Luscious J. FRAME is Leader of October and the USS Naval air-sub fleet, for good reason. besides his mysteriously genetically modified body, Frame is known for his unorthodox military strategic mind. Believing all combat assets have extended military applications, he built October from the lesser gifted or unwanted recruits slated for discharge. taking “FLASH-BLOOD” […]

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Buy The Books

Get the BIGGEST independent title out there! The LEGEND OF WILL POWER! This store is powered by Ecwid – E-Commerce Solutions. If you your browser does not support JavaScript, please proceed to its simple HTML version.

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Separate we are alone, together we are POWERFUL!

Indie Titles, and Indie Creators Forging a New Frontier In Comics!