The Legend Of Will Power Universe has many cool technologies that are by Products of the FLASH! One is “AQUATIC-X!”

Commander Luscious J. FRAME is Leader of October and the USS Naval air-sub fleet, for good reason. besides his mysteriously genetically modified body, Frame is known for his unorthodox military strategic mind. Believing all combat assets have extended military applications, he built October from the lesser gifted or unwanted recruits slated for discharge. taking “FLASH-BLOOD” troops with odd or non-applicable powers, frame would find unique methods to utilize their maximum effectiveness on the battlefield! it’s this type of thinking that led to the creation of the naval air-sub.

“Frame is known for his unorthodox military strategic mind.”

1-6POSSIBLEWhen Washington’s budget-cuts led to the scheduled demolition of Vietnam war class submarines, commander frame lobbied the department of defense, stating he could still find a modern use for the ghost fleet. combining the use of “AQUATIC-X” (a heavy water liquid created in the “flash”  that possessed an expanded hydrogen molecule which made the liquid lighter-than-air) he created a ballast system which utilized the aquatic-x compound that allow the old  submarine fleet to float. The rest is history…

To see this is comic book action, get the issue where there first appear here>>>


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