NEVER MAKE A DEAL FOR YOUR LIFE THAT YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO DIE FOR! CERBERUS explores the idiom of “MAKING DEALS WITH THE DARKSIDE” with action, suspense, and Empowered hero science fiction. Ex-soldier, MMA fighter, and playboy billionaire by day and EMPOWERED masked crime fighter by night HANK HENDERSON dawns the BLACK and RED, triple […]

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AMERICA NEEDS A HERO New York City. 1900. A city divided by financial inequality, ethnic turmoil, anarchists, labor protests, the debate on immigration, and who to elect as President that year. Sounds very similar today, dose it not? Normality, as chaotic as it is, will  forever change when the matter density wave collides with their […]

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THE POWERVERSE’s™ mission is the unification of the indie market because we believes all indie creators are stronger together. That strength comes in creators of all levels and not just those of great skill. So to address this, THE POWERVERSE™ introduces POWERVERSE NEBULA, a place for growing stars! NEBULA will be an anthology series composed of several […]

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FIGHT THE STRANGE, SAVE THE NORMAL! The Strange must be be investigated! The Spin Doctor and his Shadow Six look to uncover hidden powers and realms as they learn to work together!  From the minds of Vince White, Arthur Bellfield, Tony Kittrell, and Rashuan Escape, comes a tale of odd proportions! This is the groundbreaking […]

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How deep is your programing? How much do you see? There’s an DARK undertaking afoot and only PURGE and THE BROTHER can stop it! The POWERVERSE™ presents a provocative tale that will shake your resolve and WAKE you from your “Sunken Place!” Straight from the minds of Roosevelt Pitt Jr. and Jay Kelley, we give you : […]

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  It’s A Marvelous Thing! Secret agency has a Marvelous new weapon! They just haven’t agreed it’s him!  “They Call Him Marvelous!” follows the adventures of a hero secret agent trying his best to live up to his self imposed name: “MARVELOUS!” With tongue fully in cheek, Marvelous tracks down baddies and administers justice the […]

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